Teachers Day 2017

Teacher’s day is a special day which is celebrated on 5th September every year to appreciate teachers and to mark a tribute to their contribution to the society. It is celebrated on the birth anniversary of a great teacher Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

This years teacher’s day celebration was arranged on September 9th at Radiant resort by our management. A change in routine and place rejuvenated all staff members .We started from KNE Trust at 8 AM and reached the resort at 9:15 AM. All of us had rich breakfast in the resort interacting with our KNET family. The colour code for the day was blue or green which was very suitable for the greenery of the resort.

Mrs.Divya Mahindra ,our School Counsellor along with the trainer, Mrs.Rajathi Subramaniam had planned some programmes for the day. The session started with the inaugural function by all the members of the management and heads of institutions of KNET ,Which was followed by the pledge by all members of KNET. The session started at 10 AM and the fast activity was exchanging balloons by all KNET staff .The members who exchanged the maximum number of balloons with staff was recognized .It was an interesting session .The session continued with a dance activity by selected members and volunteers .It was interesting to see each one performing a dance from different from other. The best performers were identified and rewarded.

The afternoon activity was planned before lunch by making different groups. Topic given was common to all the groups. All KNET staff had lunch in the resort planning for the next activity. All groups successfully performed their task and encouraged other group performance.

It was wonderful experiences for all staff members .We all are thank full to our management for organizing this function. All the heads of institution thanked the management, Mrs Rajathi and Mrs Divya for making our day wonderful and memorable.