The objective of our school is to provide a comprehensive education that promotes the overall development of students. This includes:

1. Academic Achievement: Ensuring students acquire a strong foundation in core subjects and critical thinking skills.

2. Character Building: Developing moral and ethical values, such as integrity, respect, responsibility, and empathy.

3. Social Development: Fostering effective communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills.

4. Personal Growth: Encouraging self-awareness, confidence, and resilience.

5. Physical Education: Promoting physical health, fitness, and wellness.

6. Creativity and Innovation: Stimulating creativity, imagination, and innovative thinking.

7. Civic Responsibility: Instilling a sense of civic duty and community involvement.

8. Lifelong Learning: Cultivating a love for learning and curiosity that extends beyond formal education.

school hours

08:45am - 3:00pm


KNE Public School
Dodda Bommasandra Access Road, 4th Block, Doddabommasandra, Vidyaranyapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560097. India


+91 80 23451794